Vamsi Gadey

Vida Programs

Vida wanted to test pivoting to development and delivery of programs that help people with chronic conditions such as Diabetes and Depression. This project aims to create a learning platform that helps Vida coaches deliver structured interactive content to clients.

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As a design lead, I helped:

  • co-ordinate brainstorming sessions between design, clinical and engineering.
  • iterate and get user validation on the designs


  • Head of Product
  • 1 design lead (me) + 1 designer (visual)
  • 1 iOS developer + 1 Android developer


The short-term opportunity is to enable Vida coaches to deliver content programs in a 1:1 setting, specifically:

  • Cognitive Behavior Therapy program (CBT) with a therapist coach for people at risk for anxiety or depression

  • Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) with a diabetes coach for people at risk for diabetes

The long-term opportunity is to create a content platform which scales to support a marketplace of both clinical and lifestyle programs, both in a 1:1 setting as well as in a group setting. 


The hypothesis is that structured, interactive and engaging content will help ensure clients get necessary background information and tools needed to understand and improve their lives in a measurable way:

  • It will help coaches be more efficient in delivering content and working with clients. 
  • It will not try to replace 1:1 individualized coaching, but instead be a tool for coaches to help clients when their needs can be met by something more structured.
  • It will improve the overall quality, delivery and traceability of content from coaches to clients. 


Low Fidelity Iterations: I worked with product, engineering and clinical team members to come up with a "MVP" programs prototype (in low fidelity) that balances the needs of the users and the constraints of the engineering team so we can ship sooner and learn faster.



High Fidelity Iterations:  Once the MVP was decided, the design team iterated very closely with the CBT (Cognitive Behavior Therapy) and DPP (Diabetes Prevention Program) clinical teams to develop a content + design framework that works well for both programs. Based on this, I created two high-fidelity prototypes (one for CBT and another for DPP) with the proposed content, illustrations and interactions. We later tested this prototype on to understand if the the navigation framework was intuitive, and the content engaging.

The following screens are a few representative screens from the DPP (Diabetes Prevention Program) program:

Screenshot 2018-08-07 18.26.34.png