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Tracking That Helps You Make Healthy Lifestyle Changes

After on-boarding redesign, we realized we had a retention problem with users who were not launching the app every day. We found that many users were simply ignoring the app's trackers and just simply relying on the chat for tracking, or just not tracking at all.

A completely rethought tracking framework with redesigned set of trackers helped build daily engagement & behavior change. The new tracking system helped Vida's clients implement behavior change with daily app opens increasing by 127%, and daily logged metrics by 240%.


  • Formed hypothesis from user interviews and analytics

  • Iterated and got user validation on the designs

  • Incrementally rolled out the changes to iOS and Android apps


  • Head of Product

  • CTO + 1 iOS developer + 1 Android developer + 1 web/backend developer

  • 1 design lead (me) + 1 designer (visual)



Business: Ineffective tracking came up as the #1 reason people leave: with 45% saying they left Vida because "tracking capabilities didn't meet their expectation"

Client: Vida clients were not actively using the trackers set by the coach. The most active ones were sharing pictures of food or screenshots of other tracker apps directly on the chat feed. They also occasionally shared their weight, but mostly ignored other trackers. The biggest problem was that the clients didn't feel accountable to the trackers.

Coach: Vida coaches didn't feel supported by the trackers to bring positive behavior changes to their clients. They felt that the most meaningful conversations happened over video or text chat, and the current tracking system only added clutter on their chat feed. 


After the first consultation, Vida coaches crafted a wellness plan with a few trackers based on their goals. Vida app was primarily a 1:1 chat interface with the ability for the client to send a text, photo or a tracker message to their coach. Many found Vida's trackers to be too rudimentary to be useful, and too mundane to motivate them to action. They either completely avoided tracking or simply relied on other tracking apps. On the other hand, Vida coaches were frustrated that they weren't able to get structured data from their clients to be able to track their progress. 

We had the following hypotheses to redesign Vida's tracking system:

  • Having a dedicated space for tracking data would reduce clutter from the daily conversation

  • Showing daily progress would help bring daily accountability to trackers

  • Connecting dots between daily trackers and long term goals would inspire people to change

  • Adding simple trackers like food journaling and single tap actions would help non-trackers become better better trackers

  • Automatically importing data from other apps would reduce friction for existing trackers


The feed is too long... I can’t find what I want, let alone using it for tracking
— A Vida Client, before redesign


Understand: I triangulated data from multiple sources (qualitative and quantitative) to understand the problem better. I interviewed 6 current clients, 6 clients who quit Vida, and 5 coaches to understand what's working and what's not working about the current trackers. I also pulled in some engagement metrics from MixPanel.

Prioritize: We knew from the get go that tracking on Vida can be fundamentally much, much stronger. Without product-market fit, it was hard to rationalize building an elaborate and rich tracking system that would require enormous resources and partnerships. There are companies focused on building just one tracker. We had overall 43 trackers on Vida from lifestyle (Exercise or Food) to clinical (Medicine or A1C). There are some you are supposed to track multiple times a day, to some who you are supposed to track once in a year. Where do we focus our attention on? We took a deeper look into our personas to find the reasons people come to Vida for. How can we help them the best? One of our key personas was Lance who was not much of a tracker - in fact he loved Vida so much because he didn't feel he was judged for not tracking.

Prototype & Validate: We built prototypes in Invision and iterated over them with feedback from current and old users. We wanted to validate if this new tracking framework would motivate them to track them more.

Daily Task List By Persona

Daily Task List By Persona

Screenshot 2018-08-07 18.26.27.png
Screenshot 2018-08-07 18.26.34.png


I have a severe addiction to eating a big dessert after dinner. I just come into the app every night to click on the button “No sugar after dinner”. I know my coach will be watching this closely...
— A Vida Client and a non tracker


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