Vamsi Gadey
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Making Surveys Fun, Fast & Rewarding For Small Businesses!

Most of Salesforce's apps are designed with big enterprises in mind, where the ability to customize and scale are key tenets. This power naturally comes with tradeoffs for small businesses that don't need the sophistication. Their jobs are often accomplished by faster and easier solutions, sometimes just with paper.

Salesforce's design-a-thon was the perfect opportunity to step away from the everyday design projects to see if we could solve a pain point for small businesses using core Salesforce technologies like a desktop based form builder.

A native iPad app designed for small businesses to easily build, share, analyze and reward customer satisfaction surveys. Its a single purpose app that takes full advantage of iPad's form factor to abstract the functionality of a sophisticated survey builder.


2 designers + user researcher


Storyboarding, Interaction Design, User Research


Small businesses want to get quick targeted feedback from their customers. Review sites like Yelp don't provide targeted feedback, and often provide extreme reviews. Currently, they resort to paper surveys that are inconvenient to create and analyze, and the motivation for customers to provide feedback is not clear.


Many restaurants are adopting a tablet for running operations. Our hypothesis was that:

  • By making it easy to build surveys using an iPad's larger form factor, small business owners or staff will be able to create, distribute and analyze surveys faster than with paper

  • By making the surveys easy to respond to and get rewarded, customers will be more motivated to respond to them





Wow, these surveys look so beautiful! I am gonna give it a shot - seems like the the perfect use for one of the iPads lying around in my home.
— Jim, Family Restaurant Owner