Vamsi Gadey

eBay Resolution Center


TIMELINE: 3 months

ROLE: Interaction designer in a 3 member design team (content, interaction designer, visual designer)



There are several problems that buyers and sellers might face after a transaction on eBay. For example:

  • Seller did not receive the payment from the buyer
  • Buyer did not receive the item after payment
  • Item was damaged during shipping
  • Buyer received an item that he is not happy with

Research revealed that a very significant percentage of buyers and sellers are not sure of the steps to take should a problem arise. This project aims at streamlining the experience to file complaints, negotiate, follow-up, resolve or escalate disputes.


  • Improve accessibility and visibility to resolution
  • Streamline the resolution flow, cut down unnecessary and repeated steps
  • Help users trust that eBay (and PayPal) will resolve their problem

Success Metrics

  • Reduce buyer churn/lapse because of post-transaction problems
  • Faster resolution time

User Research

I gathered the existing user research on churn around post-transaction problems. I documented the existing user journey of dealing with a post transaction problem. I worked with the product managers from eBay and PayPal to identify opportunities for improving the end-to-end process.

Old Design

New Design