Vamsi Gadey


I currently work for Groupon, and have previously worked for Vida Health, Salesforce, eBay and Intuit. 


I believe most problems can be solved well with an iterative and disciplined user centered design process that combines research, data and thoughtful critique to inform decisions.

I am trained in engineering, economics and design (in that order) - and I love to work at the intersection of art, business and technology (in that order).

I enjoy ideation, leading cross-functional teams and mentoring designers early in their career. I have over ten years of experience in leading and designing products and services that have achieved problem-solution fit and product-market fit. My experience spans consumer and enterprise businesses, startups and internet giants, mobile-first and desktop-first products. I bring full product lifecycle experience from product vision to implementation to launch.

When I am not working, you can find me training for my next race, dreaming the next home project or traveling the world with my wife, son and daughter.