Vamsi Gadey


Groupon’s mission is to be the daily habit in local commerce. Groupon is a local e-commerce marketplace that connects consumers with local merchants by offering them deals on activities, services, travel and goods.

I manage a team of awesome product designers who work on Groupon's consumer products focusing on areas like personalization, discovery and engagement that help Groupon’s customers make it a habit. I also run Groupon's mobile design systems that builds a library of patterns and components in partnership with mobile engineering.

One of the neat things I learnt (and still learning) at Groupon is to help designers better appreciate and participate effectively in a culture of experimentation. 



COMPANY - Groupon’s mission is to be the daily habit in local commerce. It provides an online marketplace that connects consumers with local merchants who sell deals on activities, services, travel and goods.

EXPERIENCE - I lead a team of PMs, designers & developers to build a frictionless & trustworthy shopping experience on iOS, Android & web platforms.

LEARNINGS - What gets measured gets managed! Go deeper till you are able to find and measure the right metrics that enable your team to deliver the best customer and business value.

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An inclusive and collaborative approach to roadmap planning helps engineering and design teams be on the same page.

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I found out from user research and App Store reviews that Groupon shoppers don’t trust Groupon’s ratings and reviews, and hence navigate outside of Groupon (e.g., to Yelp) to seek additional information.

This not only made the shopping experiences time-consuming, but also increased the risk of users abandoning deals on Groupon.

I formed a key theme to improve perceptions of trust on ratings and reviews, with the hypothesis that improving trust will result in a lift in conversion, repeat purchases and customer lifetime value.

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Groupon’s Deal Page is an information dense page.

Users can’t easily access the information they need in order to evaluate if their deal is worth their time and money. Even if they can access, there’s a lot of cognitive overload in understanding whether they can actually use the deal with the restrictions.

Project Clarity is a cross-functional effort to improve clarity on the deal page by improving information hierarchy and reducing clutter on the deal page.

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Groupon Surge is a brand new service designed for young savvy customers, which uses game mechanics to help merchants and customers build a frequency based relationship instead of a one-time discount based relationship.

With Groupon Surge, merchants can get more customers when they want (like off-peak times) by on-demand surge in reward points. Customers can earn extra points when buying at peak time.

This idea was the winner at Groupon 2020 Product "Shark Tank" Competition, and I am leading this as a "big bets" initiative for Mobile 2020.